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Dental Hypothesis: The Non-Conformist Journal for Dentists

Dental Hypothesis: The Non-Conformist Journal for Dentists.

A new independent, international dental journal, Dental Hypotheses, will soon hit the web and the press. Like many dentistry publications, this journal will provide peer-reviewed articles for the professional dental community. However, Editors-In-Chief Edward F. Rossomando (Director of the Biodontics® Program at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine., United States)and Jafar Kolahi (Torabinejad Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,Isfahan, Iran, Islamic Republic) and their editorial team seek submissions about controversial and out-of-the-ordinary issues. For example, nano-dentistry, biodontics, dental specialties, community dental health, and the economy of dentistry are ideal topics for submission.

Dental Hypotheses is not supported by any institution, commercial company, or advertisers, and authors are not charged for publication. The magazine supports academic freedom for presentation and criticism of challenging, thought-provoking ideas in the dental field. Expect to see radical, speculative and non-mainstream concepts in the pages of this journal.

If you’d like to submit an article for review, see guidelines here. You can also read about the peer review process at www.dentalhypotheses.com. Articles are accepted by online submission.

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