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SDS Occlusion Komet Preparation Kit

SDS are pleased to announce the launch of our special bur kit from Komet, which is designed to complement our teaching on both the IRS and ARS courses. IRS delegates arriving at Poole this weekend will be the first to receive their kits as part of the course.

SDS Prep Kit

SDS Komet Burs Prep Kit

The kits come supplied in an attractive blue alloy bur block, with a safety lid.

For your convenience the description and re-order number for each bur in the kit is etched onto the surface.

We have a number of these kits available at a launch price of £80 +vat; please call on 01457 821800 to order yours.

Remember, we also carry a stock of Huffman Leaf Gauges, Madam Butterfly articulating silk (red and green) and Vagantin tablets. These are available in single strips of 10, a half box (50) or as a full box of 100. Again, just call 01457 821800 to order.

List of Burs in the SDS Prep Kit

List of Burs in the SDS Preparation Kit

This kit has been designed to simplify bur selection as much as possible, reducing the number of burs you need to keep in the practice, and ensuring you always have the ones you need readily available. Copies of the relevant pages from the IRS course relating to how these burs are used are available on request.

There are nine burs in the kit, covering crown, veneer and bridge preparations, along with 2 burs for refining provisional restorations.

The veneer burs are chosen to be used in conjunction with the Magne technique, the 1mm round bur used at half depth for gingival margin reduction/refinement, and the 0.7 depth cut bur for the facial surfaces.

The crown and bridge burs are designed for use with both porcelain fused to metal and ceramic (eMax) restorations.

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