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Occlusion and Cervical Lesions – great article by Gary Unterbrink

August 3, 2010 2 comments

The latest copy of the online magazine Apex features a great article by Dr Gary Unterbrink (of Lichtenstein) on the aetiology of non-carious cervical lesions, sometimes known as “abfraction” lesions.

As many of you will know, this is a controversial area with many opposing camps, but Gary dissects the evidence and comes up with an elegant explanation, supported by a large number of references.

I’m happy to say this fits in with what we have always taught at SDS, but he puts it across so well I have now decided to make this article required reading for our delegates. Accordingly, I hope to include this article in the 4th module of the Introduction to Occlusion Part 1 distance learning package, so our delegates will see this as part of an understanding of the role of clenching and bruxism in the aetiology of what we like to call “occlusal disease”.

I’ll be interested to know what you think, so please post your comments here.

The excellent Apex ezine is well worth subscribing to HERE