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SDS Welcomes Konstantin Varga DMD to the team

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

We are thrilled to be able to welcome Hungarian dentist, Dr Konstantin Varga, to the SDS Occlusion teaching team this weekend on the Advanced Restorative Seminars (ARS) course at Graham Browning’s Merley practice.


Dr Konstantin Varga DMD

Dr Konstantin Varga DMD


Dr Varga has a Master of Medicine (Implantology) qualification from the International Medical College Westfälischen, Wilhelm-Universität Münster Germany and is ‘Academic Expert of Functions and Dysfunctions of the Masticatory Organ’ as well as ‘Academic Expert of Therapies for the Functionally Disturbed Craniofacial and Masticatory Systems’. Dr Varga studied at the Interdisciplinary Dentistry Department of Danube University in Krems, Austria.

Dr Varga’s lecture, entitled “Functional Diagnosis” will concentrate on the importance of proper diagnosis before embarking upon complex treatment. These concepts follow the Sequential Occlusal Concept developed by Prof. Rulolf Slavicek and will be illustrated by three widely differing cases; one with no parafunction, one with parafunction caused by the alignment of the teeth that can be eliminated by correcting these problems and one with inherent parafunctional bruxism habit that dentistry alone cannot control. Clearly, having an understanding of which type of patient we are dealing with will have a major impact on the treatment plan, so this fits in very well with what we teach on SDS Occlusion courses where we emphasis the importance of proper diagnosis and appropriate irreversible treatment to confirm our initial before proceeding to irreversible procedures.

You can find out a lot more about Dr Varga at his web site:

Dr Varga will be appearing, along with other SDS instructors, around the UK in the coming months in a series of 1-day lectures on recent advances in occlusal diagnostic procedures and how these can become part of your everyday dentistry.