POISE Course

Practical Occlusal Instrumentation, Splints and Equilibration (POISE) Course

Speakers: Roy Higson and Andy Lane

Poise: Balance, to hold in equilibrium

Laboratory based, intensive 2-day Hands-On introduction to essential occlusal principles with dozens of practical tips for how to make your dentistry more predictable, better looking and longer lasting and make your patients think you are amazing!

Next Course: dates to be arranged – please let us know if you’re interested

Cost: £960 + vat

Call us on 01457 821800 to book NOW! Or email: CLICK HERE

Dr Roy Higson teaching at the Academy of Clinical Excellence

Dr Roy Higson teaching at the Academy of Clinical Excellence

  • PRACTICAL – the only way to learn a skill you can take back to your practice and use on Monday morning
  • OCCLUSION – a subject that forms an essential consideration in every aspect of dentistry, yet is often poorly taught in the undergraduate curriculum
  • INSTRUMENTATION – unlock the mysteries of face-bows, articulators, leaf gauges, centric relation records and cast-mounting
  • SPLINTS – the why, when, how, on whom and for how long of the whole range of occlusal appliances – make anterior jigs and stabilsation splints on another participant and experience having them made on yourself
  • EQUILIBRATION – what is it and why do we do it – experience the effects of wearing a fully equilibrated stabilisation splint on yourself and others
  • DIAGNOSIS – recognising the 80% of your patients that clench or brux, and working out which 20% actually need some form of intervention from you to unlock a whole new income stream without needing any new patients

I’m amazed what a difference having extra knowledge of occlusion has made. I have treated many hundreds of patients since finishing the course but one in particular jumped out at me. The patient in question has had undiagnosed occlusal problems for years. The SDS questionnaire flagged up the problem. Past dental history revealed a bridge which had failed four times in ten years and numerous broken teeth. On examination he has very large bony exostosis, abfractions, Masseteric hypertorphy and classic violin strings through his Temporalis which were excrutiating to touch. Absolute barn door case, straight out of the notes. Amazingly he’s been a patient at the practice for 20 years and it had never been picked up. As you said on the course, you can only see what you know. After a stabilization splint and a decent bridge made in CR he’s got no pain and is pleased as punch with me as a dentist. He is a GMP for a living and values the holistic approach that we’ve taken to his treatment. He has since recommended other patients to the practice.

It frustrates me that there is such a big black whole in undergraduate occlusion teaching. I now don’t like looking at work that I’ve done before the course as I can see my own mistakes even though I considered myself a good dentist. I have older dentists who’ve been qualified for years telling me that occlusion is a waste of time. I truly believe it is not and am very grateful to you and Higgy for changing my career. CM

Invaluable knowledge gained over the weekend. Would be very interested in future courses. KF

Enjoyable, extremely well delivered and faultless presentation. DT

Great to refresh and relearn, many thank. AR

Excellent course very well presented, thank you. KG

Excellent! CT

Thanks, excellent course and extremely relevant subject matter! RF

The revision was very good for helping me to organise occlusal concepts in mind. I feel like I reall do understand occlusion now! Thanks Roy and Andy. HS

15 hours CPD

Feedback from the most recent course at ACE
(5 = “excellent” 4 = “very good”)

  • DAY 1:       4.9
  • DAY 2:       4.9
  • Roy Higson:    5.0
  • Andy Lane:      5.0
  • Venue (ACE):   4.9
  • Would you recommend this course to a colleague? – YES – 100%
    • VERY STRONGLY (100%)


Thank you for a great weekend. Learn a whole lot – tip of the iceberg though! A.N.


A fantastic weekend with plenty of practical and theory. Thanks to Roy and Andy. M.C.


Excellent and enjoyable, I feel I have gained a lot of relevant information by attending. Location was easy to find and well equipped. D.T.


One of the BEST courses I have ever been on! S.P.

  1. Pedro Neto
    November 19, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Excellent course and made occlusion fun!! Strongly recommended! P.N.

    • November 19, 2011 at 5:51 pm

      Thanks very much pedro, glad you enjoyed it and found the POISE course useful.

  1. May 6, 2010 at 9:22 pm

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