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Bruxism in the news again

Bruxism and clenching are certainly hot news recently, so our patients will certainly be asking for more information over the coming weeks and may be much more receptive to treatment.

This time it’s the Grindcare device, available from S4S, in the Daily Mail.

I still haven’t found a suitable case for this treatment, but maybe that’s because our standard appliances, properly made and adjusted, seem to do the job so well.

As the Daily Mail article states:

The treatment is not cheap – a four-week Grindcare loan trial costs £180. After this, patients can buy one of the devices for £850 (this compares with a decent mouthguard, which costs £300 to £400).

Have any of our readers tried this technology? We’d love to hear your comments.

  1. April 10, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Hi Andy

    I have been experimenting with the Grindcare device and it has shown some interesting figures.

    First a brief explanation on how the device works. There is a sensor/stimulator which is attached onto the temporal skin area with a gel pad. A lead and small battery clips onto your shirt. A separate cordless unit receives and send information to the sensor/stimulator. The cordless unit can be set to either monitor or treat. If an episode of clenching/bruxing is recorded, a small impulse is sent to the temporal muscle and slowly the incidence of clenching or bruxing decreases.

    I knew that I clenched my teeth at certain times during the night but did not think that it was a big problem. Using the Grindcare set on “monitor” however showed the true scale of my clenching.

    During the first couple of weeks it measured between 200 and 620 episodes of clenching every night (about 7 hours) The next stage of my testing was to sleep with my hard night splint (centric relation appliance). Now the episodes of clenching decreased to around 100 per night.

    I then started to use the device on treat mode. Without wearing the night splint, the device measured on average around 100 episodes. Whilst wearing the splint the episodes came down to between 24 and 50.

    Switching between the different modes of testing seemed to confirm the figures.

    It is fairly easy to sleep with the device, however the gel pads seem to wear quite quickly and it is £30 for a fairly small batch. One of my patients who can not tolerate the idea of impressions is going to try the device next.

    Hopefully that gives you some insight on the Grindcare device.

    Kind regards,


    • April 10, 2010 at 4:15 pm

      Hi Pieter,

      Thanks for the report, that’s really valuable for us all. It certainly has made me want to have another look at this device. It would be great to hear how your first patient using Grindcare gets on, and what they make of it.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Grindcare user
    April 25, 2010 at 2:30 pm


    I also purchased a Grindcare unit about a month ago. I did the monitoring only for a few days, which showed a few hundred clenches (I can’t remember the exact number).

    At first, I started using the treatment without a nightguard, but realized that after calibration, the device still was counting when I shifted my jaw back and forth during my sleep even without my teeth touching. I have solved this by using my nightguard, which gives me an even bite and makes my temples bulge when they are supposed to, so that the calibration works correctly (my bite is somewhat off).

    The company is assisting me with my issues with calibration, but so far I am feeling less pain in the mornings with the nightguard and device. Right now, after 5 days with using the nightguard, I am averaging roughly 160 clenches per night, which I am hoping will drop. I have been using anywhere from 4-6 shock level, but I think I will stick with 6 to be consistent from today on. I have been a long term sufferer of jaw pain and hoping that I can stop the bruxism, which is the main cause of my problem.

    • JAC
      December 9, 2011 at 9:41 am

      Hi Grindcare User ,

      Im really interested to know how you guys are getting on with Grindcare now. I have been using it for almost 3 years and it has helped me a lot , but I am having a few issues with the new gel pads(in foil packeets). The current gel pads are prone fallign off and I find the by using the recommended fix of placing tape over the pad ,the unit donest work properly and seems to record more than just grinds.

      I really would like to hear how you are getting on as I have the same problem with difficulty in correctly calibrating the unit & I too have an uneven open bite !!! I did mention this to them but they said havinbg an open bite shouldnt affect the how the unit functions.

      Please let me know how you are doing and if you have foudn any other solutions. It was originally an NTI mouth splint that gave me my open bite , so I really dont want to start using that again.



    • nathan clarie
      July 4, 2012 at 8:40 am

      HI Grindcare user,

      I reaslise its beena long rtime since you posted this and may not be active anymore , but if you are please let me know how you are getting on with grindcare and if you continued using it. The reason I am so interested ,is i had a great deal of help from grindcare and still use it, but still have difficulty in that I find it seems to be going off too much during the night and I am wondering if it could be related to my open bite.

      I personally would hate to havre to go back to wearing a night guard ,especially if I had to use grindcare too. But if it meant Grindcare worked a lot better for me I am right now willign to give it a go.

      Many Thanks

  3. Peter Zhang
    August 19, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I have been bruxing heavily for years and it has been so hard to stop. I know all the treatments well and Grindcare looks like the surest bet. I want this device badly but they still don’t have an Australian distributor. If there is enough evidence for its effectiveness I think I will take a gamble and order directly from Europe. Are there anymore guys who have trialled this device. What are the results? Any endorsements?

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