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BSOS, POS and IRS in under a week!

Well, it’s a busy few days and wouldn’t you know it? The hottest weekend of the year so far. I’m right in the middle of it having been down to Stratford-upon-Avon on Thursday to meet the BSOS people for a meal, briefly to see Jeff Okeson (University of Kentucky) and Terry Tanaka (University of Southern California) at the BSOS meeting on Friday, where I met up with Peter Nissler who had just arrived from Los Angeles to teach on the final POS weekend, called in to see Hig and Chris on the way back to Saddleworth, spent Saturday and Sunday running the POS TMD weekend with Pete and now I’m off down to Poole for 2 days of the IRS course.

I really wished I could have stayed for the full 2 days of the BSOS meeting, and hopefully someone will send us a full report (please add a comment below if you were there) because the programme looked very impressive and even the parts I saw contained some interesting new information that we will incorporate into our courses. It was great to see that we were ahead of the game too though, having already switched to the Kois Facebow and with our teaching on the role of referred pain, appliances and the appropriate use of equilibration.
The POS4 course at Apollonia House saw the full complement of delegates returning after the absence of our Northern Ireland colleagues due to the volcanic ash on POS3. We had a brilliant array of TMD patients to diagnose and treat, and even three who had made the journey over from Belfast to see us. We had numerous clicks of all varieties, closed locks (both acute and chronic) and some patients with serious discrepancies that only appropriate orthodontic treatment could help – if only there were more orthodontists around who understood the problems!
Feedback from the course so far has been very positive throughout, but I reckon this last weekend probably exceeded everyone’s expectations. However, the delegates only got so much out of it because of the hard work they have all been putting in making appliances – this really showed in the confidence, quality and speed they all exhibited in their diagnosis and appliance construction and adjustment. Great job from all concerned. (Again – please leave comments below if you have anything to report – it would nice to hear about your patients’ experiences too)
At this point I really wanted to include a photo of all the delegates, but stupidly I forgot to take one – damn.
Anyway, here we are on Monday and I’ve a 5 hour drive down to Poole to make for the third IRS session. I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing their cases; my spies at Waters Edge tell me there are some great cases. Hopefully we’ll have some before and after shots to show you later. Then I’m whizzing around for meetings about courses and venues on Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks goodness there’s a long weekend coming up to aid recovery 🙂 … and thank goodness Adey’s around to see my patients while I’m away!
  1. Helmi El Sakka
    May 24, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Hi Andy,
    I wish you good luck and I would like to thank you again for the last weekend as we gained a lot from you and from Pete.
    Many thanks again and have a nice day

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