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June Intro 2 Course Fully Subscribed

The last remaining place in the Introduction to Occlusion Part 2 course planned for June 5th/6th at Wakefield has just been taken, so we will be operating a reserve list and planning the next dates and venues for the course.

Dr Roy Higson teaching at the Academy of Clinical ExcellenceWe will be continuing the policy of offering Part 1 (the distance learning modules) free for anyone booking Part 2 beyond the previous April 15th cut-off for those reserving places for the next course.

The fairest way to achieve this is for delegates to sign up and pay for for Part 1 and allow the full cost of Part 1 as a discount against Part 2 booked at any time in the future. As soon as we have the new dates and venues in the diary I will produce a revised booking form.

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